Hi WHT users, we have now this Dell quad xeon available for rent:

Dell Quad Xeon x3220 (1 Available)

CPU Xeon Quad Core 4x 2.4Ghz 8MB L2 Cache
Ram : 4096MB (PC6400 - DDR2)
Disk 1 : 160GB (SATA2, 7200 RPM, 16MB Cache)
Disk 2 : 500GB (SATA2, 7200 RPM, 16MB Cache)
Bandwith : Unlimited Gaming Bandwidth(100MB/S XFER)

# Premium low latency independent Network
# Always LOW prices.
# Experienced customer support.
# Wide range of servers ( All 1U )
# FREE setup on all servers
# FREE FULL access to TCADMIN [View our games list] ( Files & Patches included )
# FREE access to our games database.
# UNLIMITED gaming bandwidth.
# Multi Gigabit Fiber Network linked to global transit provider Telewest.
# UK Datacentre, all servers located in Bluesquare 1
# Uncapped full duplex 100MB port.
# Quick, Efficient customer support.
# Use our game panel for one click server/mods/updates installation.
# Instant setup on in-stock servers.
# Update your game servers with our control panel , in one click.
# Available OS: Win 2003, Centos, Ubuntu ( NOTE: linux operating systems are not covered by our gamepanel )

120,00EUR Monthly
360,00EUR Quarterly
720,00EUR Semi-Annually
1.440,00EUR Annually

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