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    UK Dedicated Server

    my budget is $40-50 monthly is tehre nay company provide dedicated server with this budget in UK ?


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    Good luck! you may want to look at a VPS for that amount p/m

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    You'll probably be looking for a VPS rather than a dedicated server at that pricing
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    It may be difficult for you to find even a lowest specification UK dedicated server within that price range. Do you really need a dedicated server? You can consider starting off with a VPS now and later upgrade to a dedicated server.
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    I haven't seen any providers renting out servers for around 30 but if you increase your budget to around 50-70 there are a few providers out there who do rent out some low powered machines. Probably best to ask some providers to see if they have any old servers lying around.
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    Yeah, I think the cheapest you will get will be more like 50 from poundhost or rapidswitch (that's around $80 USD). OVH/Kimsufi are based in France but you can get a UK registered IP from them so it kind of looks like a UK server - they're probably more in your price range.

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    A VPS may be your best bet here unless you are willing to raise your budget. As BELLonline says, 50 will be the minimum you'd be looking to pay unless of course you're willing to budge from the UK
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