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    Using vhost.conf to override suexec directive in httpd.include


    I need to change the server configuration on Plesk such that the SuexecUserGroup directive is removed, so the user's cgi scripts run as the apache user (www-data), rather than as the user specified in that directive (the domain user), as on an unshared (non-VPS) server. I don't care about security from other domains because only one domain runs on it anyway, so making the user domain-specific is irrelevant from a security point of view and stops some of the user's code working.

    This directive is found in
    and is:
    SuexecUserGroup user psacln
    (this line appears twice, for ports 443 and 80)

    I understand that this file can't be modified, as it may be overwritten by Plesk. Therefore additional directives must go in the vhost.conf file.

    Will the following vhost.conf file do the trick and override the directives in httpd.include?

    <VirtualHost domainIP:443>
    SuexecUserGroup www-data www-data
    <VirtualHost domainIP:80>
    SuexecUserGroup www-data www-data



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    This sounds like a rather simple issue, have you tried contacting your hosting company? Also there might be solutions on the PLESK forums/documentation on their website.

    Good luck
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