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    * SolusVM | OpenVZ | Extra Disk Space & Bandwidth + WHT-only offer - Limited Time Only!

    Just like with our shared hosting, we don't oversell our VPS nodes or provide bandwidth and space specifications at silly prices that would send us bankrupt in a week. We're in it for the long haul so we concentrate on providing quality services at great prices.

    We offer VPS plans on OpenVZ architecture powered by the SolusVM control panel. SolusVM is stable, secure and does what you need it to do quickly. The SolusVM developers are always adding more features so the panel is constantly improving.

    You can see our normal VPS plans here but for a limited time only, we are taking $10 off the price of every plan and adding 100GB of bandwidth and 10GB of disk space!

    256MB RAM
    15GB Space (now 25GB)
    100GB B/W (now 200GB)
    2 IPs
    $20/month ($10 for the first month!)

    512MB RAM
    25GB Space (now 35GB)
    200GB Bandwidth (now 300GB)
    2 IPs
    $30/month ($20 for the first month!)

    768MB RAM
    45GB Space (now 55GB)
    400GB B/w (now 500GB)
    2 IPs
    $40/month ($30 for the first month!)

    1024MB RAM
    65GB Space (now 75GB)
    600GB B/w (now 700GB)
    4 IPs
    $50/month ($40 for the first month!)!

    WHT-Only: The first 5 WHT customers to sign up will receive $10 off their second month of hosting, too! Just mention WHT in the notes section of your order and, if you're quick enough, you'll receive the first 2 months at $10 off!

    Plus, if you add any of the following add-ons to your initial VPS order, you'll get them at the following prices:

    Extra IPs: $1.00 each per month;
    cPanel/WHM: $14.00/month;
    DirectAdmin: $8.00/month.

    (This offer is valid for anyone, not just WHT customers)

    The prices of these add-ons will stay the same for the life of your plan! Make sure you choose the add-ons you want when you order initially - these are a "welcome to Ceaser Hosting" gift and they won't be around long!

    Do these plans not impress you? Are you looking for something that you can't find here? We're more than willing to work with you to come up with the exact solution for your website and your budget. Just email [email protected] with as many details as you can think of and we'll get back to you. Make sure you include how much RAM, space and bandwidth you need plus whether you want any add-ons (cPanel/DirectAdmin/IPs, etc.)

    You can test our network by pinging the IP or download our testfiles: 10mb.bin | 100mb.bin
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