One of the companies we took over was hosting http://designwerkswebdesign.com/ (a reseller with several clients under them).

The owner, Gina Loya, went MIA back this past summer and left approximately $1000 in unpaid invoices. All attempts to contact them via e-mail, phone and snail mail went unacknowledged. Which I understand, such fly by night companies go bust all the time.

But here is the kicker, they claim they went down because their hosting company (us) went out of business. Damn, I guess someone forgot to tell me to shut down and turn off the lights LOL

They are lying, saying we lost all their data (which we didn't AND still have). All they had to do was pay their bills to get it, but I guess they were too cheap to do that.

Hopefully this hits #1 for them on Google, so people can see what unprofessional liars they are.

For proof, you can check out bodywerksspa.com (a site of theirs). Currently brings up our Suspended page. On a funny related note, a client of theirs called US asking for a refund. I was sad to tell them that their host was dead.

Any thoughts?