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Thread: Vista 64 / IIS7

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    Question Vista 64 / IIS7

    Greetings all,

    I have a very small website that I host at my home..

    and was thinking of upgrading to Vista 64 / IIS 7

    I have been doing test with Vista 64 / IIS 7 .. and got alot of cool things up / and some other interesting apps like wordpress going for blogging...

    Is there limitations with Vista 64 and hosting a site on that OS?


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    Ok .. there is limits on Vista & IIS


    Im looking at windows server 2008

    and damn theres like a million billion verisons ..

    Does any1 know which one would have packaged the following ..
    DNS, DHCP,Routing & Remote Access, IIS

    Does the "Windows Web Server 2008 32BIT/X64 DVD" verison have all that ???

    If anyone has a nice page with the comparisons of what has one .. ill be thankful!

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    Hey, i'm not sure about that version in particular, but the general limitation with different versions of Windows Vista when it comes to servers is the amount of concurrent connections it supports
    I'm pretty sure Windows Web Server 2008 supports DNS, DGCP, Routing & Remote Access and IIS, those are all pretty standard features in the Windows web hosting stack

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