XenVZ would like to announce this weeks WHT special ending on the 26th of October 2009.

We now have our own working *SECURE* VPS control panel providing reboots, IP management, Reverse DNS, OS Reloads and more available to VPS users for BETA testing.

We currently have the following implemented in our new control panel:

» Instant OS Reloads (OpenVZ & Xen)
» Power On
» Power Off
» Reboot
» Force Shutdown
» Get Status
» IP Manager – Add extra IPs to your VPS in realtime
» Reverse DNS manager
» Xen auto configuration – Automatically apply upgrades, automatically write networking files
» Automatic Xen provisioning (staff approval required) for quick account setup
» Automatic OpenVZ provisioning (staff approval required) for quick account setup
» Bandwidth Monitoring with 5 minute resolution
» VPS Server manager
» OS Template manager
» VPS Account manager
» Product resources and quotas
» Migration script from HyperVM
» Secure communication channels between control panel and host nodes via lightweight, security-tight python scripts. No daemon software installed on host nodes and no ability to run dangerous commands (i.e. “command whitelist with regexp”)
» Now fully integrated with our billing system. Purchased an add-on? Have it available instantly! Extra IP? No problem..
» Pending Provision list for manual fraud checking
» …and more!

Please see the following screen shot: http://www.xenvz.co.uk/images/VPS_control_panel.png

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Location: UK
20GB Disk Space
150GB Transfer (monthly)
768MB Guaranteed RAM
1536MB Burst RAM (OpenVZ)
1536MB Swap (Xen)
1 IP address free (more available at £1.00/month)
Upgrades from only £1 per month
Sorry - No money back guarantee for this package - Please read disclaimer before ordering!
ONLY: £17.97 per 3 months (£5.99/month) with coupon WHT261009-1
Signup URL: https://clients.openitc.co.uk/order/?package=3_7

GIGA VPS DISCLAIMER: Due to our rock-bottom pricing structure for these packages we are unfortunately unable to provide any support with these products so please ensure you have sufficient knowledge of Linux before ordering. In addition we are unable to provide our 14 day moneyback guarantee with these packages.

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Why Choose XenVZ?
Customer Service

We offer a better service because we're the friendliest host online.

We're so confident that you'll like our products and our high levels of service that we won't make you pay a set-up fee nor will we make you commit to a 12 month, 6 month or even a 2 month contract AND we have a 100% money back guarantee!

What else?
  • Cancel anytime
  • 14 day 100% money back guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Online Helpdesk and ticketing
  • Live chat support
  • Forums
  • Server management and custom software installation

Because we don't tie our customers into a contract, we know you have the option to leave us at any time so we build our business on reputation and quality of service.

Without your support and continued goodwill, we wouldn't survive. With that in mind, we promise:
  • No call centres
  • No reading from scripts
  • No premium rate phone numbers
  • No customer call targets (i.e. we won't finish a call as quickly as possible)

Choice of Operating Systems

More images will be added on demand.
  • OpenVZ: CentOS 5.3 (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: CentOS 5.3 (32bit)
  • OpenVZ: CentOS 5.2 (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: CentOS 5.2 (32bit)
  • OpenVZ: Debain 4.0 Etch (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: Debain 4.0 Etch (32bit)
  • OpenVZ: Debain 5.0 Lenny (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: Debain 5.0 Lenny (32bit)
  • OpenVZ: Fedora Core 10 (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: Fedora Core 10 (32bit)
  • OpenVZ: Ubuntu 7.10 (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: Ubuntu 7.10 (32bit)
  • OpenVZ: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (32bit)
  • OpenVZ: Ubuntu 8.10 (64bit)
  • OpenVZ: Ubuntu 8.10 (32bit)
  • Xen: CentOS 5.3 (64bit)
  • Xen: CentOS 5.2 (64bit)
  • Xen: CentOS 5.2 + OpenVZ (64bit)
  • Xen: Debian 5.0 Etch (64bit)
  • Xen: Debian 4.0 Etch (64bit)
  • Xen: Fedora Core 9 (64bit)
  • Xen: Fedora Core 10 (64bit)
  • Xen: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (64bit)
  • Xen: Ubuntu 8.10 (64bit)
  • Xen: Ubuntu 9.04 (64bit) [NEW!]
  • NEW: Request an OS! We will do our best to provide you with any OS on your VPS!

Every package has:

  • Intel Core 2 / Xeon CPU servers
  • Over 10Gbit network connectivity
  • Free XenVZ VPS Control Panel
  • Online invoicing and payment
  • Manage your contact and payment details online
  • Free instant control panel reboots
  • Reset root password
  • Instant reverse DNS
  • Easy package upgrades/downgrades
  • ...and much more!

Upgrades available:

Prices quoted are monthly

  • Memory @ £1.00 per 64MB block (includes an extra 128MB burst/swap)
  • Storage @ £1.00 per 5GB block
  • Transfer @ £1.00 per 20GB block
  • 1 IP address - £1.00
  • 5 IP addresses - £3.75
  • 10 IP addresses - £7.50
  • DirectAdmin - £5.00
  • Cpanel - £15.00
  • Webmin – FREE
  • ISPConfig (Self Install) – FREE
  • ISPConfig (We Install) - £7.50 One-off
  • Server management: From £10.00 – Please contact us for a quote.

Please read our FAQ before contacting support. Our most common questions are answered here in order to provide you with more details on our service.

Q: I currently have a special offer with XenVZ but this newer offer is now more suitable. Can I switch to this offer?
A: Yes, you can switch offers so long as you sign up to a 12 month contract with your new package (paid yearly). Additionally, We cannot assist in data transfer on accounts switching offers.

Q: This offer looks good! Is it a lifetime offer?
A: Yes, As long as you stay on the same package. Adding and removing add-ons to your VPS does not affect the offer in any way.

Q: If I sign up today, how long until my VPS is active?
A: We usually set up VPS within the hour, though this can change if you request a control panel which we will install for you. If you like, we can provide the VPS and any control panel licences and you can install it yourself.

Q: Do you allow adult hosting, IRC, VPN, TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, torrents, forums and proxy sites?
A: Absolutely! It's your VPS, so you are free to do what you like with it as long as it complies with UK and your local laws. (Yes, we do know our ToS states no IRC, though we do allow it on request...)

Q: What hardware do you use?
A: Our servers use a minimum of Intel Core 2 - 2.00ghz, 8GB RAM and 2 x 500GB SATA drives in RAID 1, for the best price/performance ratio. Our latest servers are Dell R300, Intel Xeon 2.33ghz Quad-Core (1333mhz FSB, 2x6mb cache), 12GB ECC DDR2 RAM and 2 x 1000GB SATA2 drives (32MB cache) in RAID 1.

Q: How many VPS do you run per node?
A: This number varies between around 4 and 30 depending on a number of factors.

Q: Do you offer any control panels?
A: We can provide cPanel and DirectAdmin control panels, or you can provide your own. We can also install free control panels such as Webmin and ISPconfig.

Q: Do you have a speedtest file and an IP to ping?
A: Sure, you can ping You can test our speeds at http://www.xenvz.co.uk/speedtest/ (requires flash) or via direct HTTP download at http://www.xenvz.co.uk/test50mb.bin

Q: Will you help me transfer my data?
A: Of course. Our experienced staff can assist you with any data transfer

Q: Do you offer server management?
A: Yes, we can manage your server for a small fee per month.

Q: How many of these offers are available?
A: There is no limit on these offers other than the expiry date.

Q: I have signed up but I have received no login details.
A: Your account will only be processed once we have generated an invoice. VPS and anything else you order will only be activated upon receipt of payment.

Q: I wish to cancel my VPS.
A: Please send us a message via our contact form with notice BEFORE your invoice is generated. Invoice generation happens roughly 2 weeks before your next invoice is due, so ideally send us your cancellation notice before the 14th of the month. Please include your full name, full address, e-mail address, password, any usernames, domain names and any other applicable information in your cancellation notice.

More information on our products and services are available at www.XenVZ.co.uk

Any more Questions?

Drop us an e-mail via our contact form at http://www.xenvz.co.uk/contactus.php or post right here on WHT!