has Ventrilo Hosting starting at $2.75 per month. Not an average of $2.75 per month if you preorder for a year, but $2.75 per month (without any long term commitments). Just wanted to make that distinction as many of our competitors advertise low prices that only apply to longer terms.

Now, if you wish to pre-order for a year, you can get a server for as low as $22.44 per year which is around $1.87 per month -- make sure you use the "20offyearly" coupon. It's your choice if you wish to prepay, but we won't price gauge you to force you to prepay into a long billing cycle. It's all good. Now, we do require a subscription on signup, but you can cancel that at anytime through your portal and keep paying month by month or if you do not want our service anymore.

We don't have any gimmicks. What you see is what you get. There are no useless addon services. This is Ventrilo Hosting and that's it. We will offer as much technical support as you need, but to keep prices down we assume all of our customers are mentally capable of using the Ventrilo client and server software.

Email us: [email protected]