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    Why do people want to stay away from hosting Servers from home?

    This is just one of my random questions for no particular reason except i would like to know. Why do people want to avoid hosting there servers from home? (please dont make me look stupid )

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    because home internet connections are not reliable, most residential ISP's do not allow hosting from home, running a server requires constant "clean" power, residential connections are often too slow to cope with demand, if something happens to power or ISP connections there are no fail backs...

    there are loads of reasons, the ones ive listed are just the ones that come to mind first. I am not trying to make you look stupid, they are just the facts of it
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    Lots of reasons. In your home you probably don't have:

    Multiple carrier grade net connections
    Stable surge-free power
    Adequate power backups/generators
    Tons of of space
    A desire to run noisy severs
    Air conditioning / filtering units to keep equipment cool and dust free
    Fire Suppression Systems should the worst happen
    Top notch security to prevent your equipment from being stolen

    At the end of the day most people make a lot of money out of running servers. Data centers are designed to house servers, and every thought has been given to ensuring equipment in them has everything it needs to run optimally, so it keeps going in spite of adverse weather or power outages, and so it has large, multiple redundant connections to the net.

    Sure if you only run one server and it does nothing important or is just to toy with - yeah then run it at home. But when you need to rely on it to earn your daily crust - give it the best home it can get.
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    Believe it or not, today its actually allot cheaper to run a server/service in a datacentre then it is in your home. I even run my home intranet servers from the DC (with the rest of my kit) because the running costs at home were over 40 extra per week on the electric bill - and that was just two servers running 24/7 for things like photos, music, videos, work, backups etc...

    Go back a decade and that was another matter... Allot of the big hosts/names today started off as bedroom hosts (before getting capital funding), creating the market for webhosting for anyone other then massive enterprises or advert funded free webhosting provided by your ISP.
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    I've always wondered if it's easy to do that, but I would think getting the server co-located to a data center would be the best way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by christomax View Post
    This is just one of my random questions for no particular reason except i would like to know. Why do people want to avoid hosting there servers from home? (please dont make me look stupid )
    Because the people who do it, are typically also the people who can't find the search feature, and that speaks volumes of those people, and the outfits that they in turn operate .

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    Because residential Internet connections are poor.
    Do you have security at home?
    Do you have a backup generator?
    Do you have the cooling required at home?
    Most residential ISPs don't allow it, especially Mail servers.
    What happens if a tree falls on your telephone line. Or a builder digs through your cable. All you clients will be down.

    I once ran my personal site from home, and a small mail server. It was OK but not great. Had a bit of downtime. But it was quite slow.
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    First of all you should need to find out that your ISP does allow this to run the website on your home computer. Then you might need to upgrade the internet plan in order host websites on your home PC. Also you might need to keep always your PC in ON condition as if it may get reboot for any reasons then you will found your website offline.
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    I also don't appreciate an idea to have hosting servers at home. It is not a reliable solution.

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    What if there was a power cut? Or even someone in your home accidentally blew a fuse?

    Suddenly something quite trivial would cut off your entire server - hence your entire business, for a set period of time.
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    True, besides the reliability issue, the issue about being able to run a server at home is something usually disallowed by your ISP anyways. I had a friend who ran a private web server at home (e.g. he was the only user) but got shut down. Other ISPs don't even allow certain ports. IIRC, comcast doesnt even allow 25 (the outgoing mail port) in some instances.
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    I attempted to run a server from home as an experiment, well first night with the pc in my room I couldn;t get to sleep because of the background noise of the fans and the L.E.D's, so after trying to get to sleep for around 30 minutes it was off (Good thing I had quiet hard drives at the time).
    I had better luck with a mini itx pc that I shoved next to the router in a cupboard, but then obviously trying to access it from work it was slow (damn slow 256k upload speeds!) so that was sold on ebay.
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