HostATree is looking to expand its Dedicated Server client base and to help promote that we are offering generous discounts for the LIFE of your account with us. We provide quality services at extremely affordable prices. We use only the best name brand equipment in our servers as we feel slacking on hardware is like slacking on our service which we take very seriously.

Below are the main features that come with our servers:
--> Free Basic Support via our Help Desk
--> Wide variety of operating systems to choose from!
--> Free Custom Partitioning
--> Free OS/CP reloads
--> Free 5 Dedicated IPs
--> FREE Hardware Replacement
--> 15 Minute Guaranteed Reboots!
--> 5 Free Hours of KVM upon request
--> Full Server Management at $30 a month!
--> Make your own Hard-Reset 24/7/365
--> Unmetered 10Mbps or Metered 100Mbps access to our core network.
--> Online within 24-72 business hours (depending on configuration)

++++++ HostATree's Dedicated Server Lineup ++++++
Celeron-L Conroe 1.6 ONLY $50.00/month Use $5 Coupon: dedicated5

AMD Athlon X2 4200+ ONLY $65.00/month Use $10 Coupon: dedicated10

Intel Core2Quad Q8200 ONLY $105.00/month Use $15 Coupon: dedicated15

Intel Core i7 ONLY $175.00/month Use $20 Coupon: dedicated20

Facts & Questions:
Q: Do you have a test IP Address?
A: Yes, you can ping:

Q: Where are the servers located?
A: All of our servers are located in the business district of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Q: Do you have a money back guarantee?
A: Due to the amount of fraud orders we get, and the fact that this is a dedicated server purchase we do not offer a money back guarantee.

Q: What do you allow on the servers?
A: We allow all content legal in the United States. We do not accept IRC services. We DO allow legal adult content, and proxy sites.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all payments that are processed through PayPal or Google Checkout. Funds can be provided by eCheck, Credit Card (2CheckOut), or PayPal Balance.