I am happy to announce that version 1.1.0 of the Domain Portfolio script has now been released.

With this first release the following features are currently present:-

Admin Panel

  • Basic IDN support
  • Add a single domain
  • Add multiple domain names from a csv file, standard text file or simply entering them into a text box
  • Easily manage single or multiple domains
  • Easily add and remove categories
  • Easily add and remove registrars
  • Easily add and remove development status
  • Add and remove side boxes and reorder as necessary
  • 1 click upgrade for the whois database provided the file is writeable (link can be found in the settings section in the admin panel)
  • Ability to show the domain both linked and unlinked in the details page.
  • Domain export

User Pages

  • Sortable domain list (by registrar, expiry and domain name)
  • Easy general contact page
  • Easy contact page for questions relating to a domain name
  • Category Links to see domains in specific categories
  • Easy search box
  • Domain details page listing information particular to the domain


  • Pseudo cron system (if you do not have access to cron the script can simulate it)
  • Simple cron system for addons with no config needed
  • Automatically retrieve creation and expiry dates for domains
  • Automatically checks if updates are available for the portfolio script

Be sure to give me feedback suggest some features for future releases.

More information can be located HERE.
To download the script click HERE.


Public Portfolio

Admin Panel

username: demo
password: account