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Thread: candling a VPS

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    candling a VPS

    i have a few years using a hosting reseller account i do not resell hosting i use it for person use and separating my domain names but i am thinking how switching to VPS what is the real difference between the two in terms of a reseller is it worth the trouble or just the same thing

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    The differences is that with a VPS you will have more control (root access), as well as more resources.

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    With a VPS, you have total control over the server's resources. You have root access which allows you to install whichever version of the software you require rather than going with what the host has installed. This can become very handy if you wish to run a different PHP version for some sites.

    Is it worth the trouble? If you go with a managed solution then the host can even migrate all your data over and make sure you're set up and good to go - so it would be no trouble at all. Of course, if you want something less costly then you can always manage the VPS yourself, but some people may consider that as a disadvantage since you wouldn't need to do that when you are on a reseller plan.

    Hope this helps.
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