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    What kind of website can 1GB Ram handle?

    I'm not quite sure how much of Ram I need for my vps, But I'm going to get
    1GB Vps from
    Anyone can tell me what kind of website I would be able to run on such an VPS? If it's just wordpress driven website...

    Maybe anyone can share how much traffic your site have and how much ram it's using?
    At the moment I have website with about 40k uniques/day and ~100k pageloads per day hosted on shared hosting but they have gave me 3days to find another hosting because they say I use to much of their traffic...


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    I would probably recommend a bit more RAM just to ensure that your visitors are getting the best service.
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    With VPS you always have option to upgrade in future. So you may start with 1GB RAM and upgrade when required.
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    Go with the 1GB RAM and see how it plays out. It is likely to be far more than the resources you were getting, on balance, as a shared hosting customer.
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    I know I should test but want to know before taking...
    Anyone can share their experience?

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    One wordpress site on a VPS with 1GB RAM?

    Sure! Depending...

    Questions you need to ask, where will the MySQL database run? On the VPS too? How much traffic will the site get?

    What other services will the VPS run? How much memory will those services use?

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    Too many variables really but a properly optimized VPS and code you can run an aweful lot of traffic on a 1GB VPS.

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    1GB Sounds Fair enoght for wordpress .. I my self run Media Website where there alot audio files . and i have daily around 2000 Visitor , On 1GB VPS , and like all Said before me it depand in how many visitors comes to ur site .. Mysql Hogs your Memory So most likely your memory will be Eaten By , Apatche and Mysql , and maybe if u going enable spamf ilter.

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    If you are not sure about how much memory you should be getting make sure the provider you choose allows you to easily change your memory levels. I know slicehost and rimuhosting allow to easily change that.

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