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    3dgwebhosting - Very BAD customer support

    I have no choice but to post this. I purchased a vps plan from them and couldn't login. It was over the weekends. I tried to email them. No reply for more than 1 day. I emailed again, still no reply after many hours. I was quite shock because I read review that says support is supposedly good, even during the weekends. Have they closed down or are they posting good review for themselves?

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    Sorry to hear about your experience. Did you try to contact them through the phone support?
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    I'm sorry to hear about your poor Customer Service support. I don't think they are writing their own posts, hard to get away with that on WHT. I hope the Customer Service improves now that you have expressed your concern. It's to bad you had to post on WHT to get your voice heard.

    I would stick with them a bit longer and see if anything chances. Chances are it will chance but it could go back to the old ways. Best of luck!
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    Again we apologize we encourage telephone calls if you are unable to contacr us. We have staff available 24 hours per day.

    We did not receive any calls from you

    We have emailed you the details to the email address you signed up with however it appears an error has occurred with the email as we got a invalid email address return error.

    Please submit a ticket so we can assist

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    While I feel for you having issues you have to realize that even the best hosts have problems. Also how about having a realistic reaction? You had a bad few days...noted. But lets not jump to pretty silly (and totally unsupported) conclusions/accusations. Instead of taking the time to register here and come post this how about visiting their website and noticing that they have phone support and giving them a call?

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