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    Can't Move Site!

    Recently my "web hosting" company has been experiencing problems and seem be to be offline more than on. are the crooks. So after I realized my domain was expired I tried to contact them to RENEW and got no reply to my email to customer support or any response on their phone line.

    I tried to contact the company that hosts their servers,, and was told that I was pretty much screwed if I couldn't get the crooks to reply. Apparently can't or won't do anything to help me out.

    Any ideas?

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    So what your saying is they won't allow you to renew your domain?

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    Pretty much that's what it is. Though I also wannamove it.

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    Sounds like registered your domain in their name? If that's true, then you are correct, won't help you. This is why you always need to register domain names yourself, and not with the company you're buying hosting from.

    Good luck getting your to reply. Looks like they disappeared. You may have to get a new domain name, or wait until your old one drops.

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    Let the domain expire, then buy it back.
    If not I would say either try contacting all partys, furthermore you could just use a different domain name.
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