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    Server Reporting Tool

    I am maintaining a dedicated server ( which have apache,mysql,ftp,dns servers) for my organization , i want to produce a weekly report on server like,

    1)Avg Server load for current week
    2)Avg Memory usage for current week
    3)No.of time apache,mysql,dns was killed in current week

    As above i want produce a report ,How can take such kind of report from server ? Is there is any tool for report generation ?

    Thanks in advace...

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    Have you tried Cacti? I'm quite certain that it would do the job.

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    You can use combination of both nagios and cacti as nagios will monitor and alerts, While cacti will retains the historical traffics data.
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    Agreed. Def use both Nagios and Cacti!! These should prove very useful!

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    Take a look at
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    Either nagios or cacti are the way to go

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    That looks nice, will be testing it out soon.

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    Thanks for everyone replied . All the tools provide graphical report , i dont need graphical tool but tools like logwatch will help me, can any suggest the tool better than logwatch ?


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