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    Dedicated hosting request/quote

    I'm starting a small, local company in Illinois that will create web pages and host them for residents around my community such as lawyers, doctors, etc. I don't believe I should go with shared hosting because that would not be fair to my clients and I would like to give them good, reliable service so their business does well too. Which entry level, or basic dedicated server should I rent for this purpose? Since I'm just starting, I wouldn't want to overspend, but at the same time I do want performance for the few initial clients I receive. As my company grows, I'm sure I'll migrate into a more large scaled server(s). Any quotes or companies anyone can refer or think of? And possible quote for this type of server/situation. Thanks.

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    Hey, i'd recommend either going with a Reseller account or a VPS with the amount of knowledge it seems like you have about servers (i apologize if i'm wrong)
    That way you can get something with some management. Or you could go with a Managed dedicated server. But starting off you probably won't need an entire dedicated server

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    It seems you are going to give a go reseller business.. In this case would you consider reseller account instead?

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    Providers will not be able to give you quotations via the main forum, as this is against the rules of the forum, however, you can simply look through the offers available via the "Hosting Offers" section of the forum.

    With regards to the type of dedicated server - it would entirely depend on the amount of clients you have to start with? As previously suggested, you definitely should look more into getting a reseller account as opposed to a full dedicated or VPS (depending on your experience level again).

    Reseller hosting can be as good as a low-end dedicated server - ofcourse depending on the amount of traffic on the server, client account sizes, etc. and ofcourse NOT being oversold.

    Finally, you need to set aside / mention what your budget (spend) per month is likely to be for this - as this would be another factor in the type / recommendation you would get from members on here ...

    And sometimes, you can simply "ask" - some resellers would be happy to give you a FREE 30 day trial!

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