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    Looking for windows hosting for one month

    Looking for windows hositng for one month to test Aion gameserver.

    If anyone can provide good offers it will be really helpful.

    After one month i will take my own server.

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    What kind of spec you looking for? Price? Any application you want to install?
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    Try checking the offer forum, you might have plenty of good choices there.

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    Give us more details about the disk space, bandwidth and cost you are expecting so that our members on the WHT can suggest best for your requirements.
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    Well, I would make a recommendation, but from what you are asking, is pretty much illegal. You are not allow to make game servers for games such as Aion or Warcraft, as they are privately ran servers by the company that runs / created the game. You are trying to create a private Aion server, which is very much illegal and will not work in a shared windows environment at all.
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    people use the server to play games with others right?. Is it illegal. How come many people are running gameservers.

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