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    cPanel installation problem


    I'm testing cpanel on a personal server in the local network
    I have installed it and now when I load the server IP it shows the page that cPanel/WHM is installed successfully but when I try to login to WHM by going to : http://serverIP/whm it doesn't load

    I tried rebooting the server but still the same problem
    I tried restarting the cpanel service but I got an error saying "unrecognized service"

    What might be the problem ?

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    Unless you have a license or a test license (which isn't impossible with internal ip's) I don't know how you plan on cPanel working. They don't permit the software to be used like this.
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    The server have a static real IP and I got a 15 day trial license for it and I activated the license but still it's not working

    Edit : After updating cPanel/WHM and restarting it it worked perfectly
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    Good news keep us updated,

    If you have an static IP then no problem.


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    try to check active license on
    and service cpanel start ok ? try to see log message when start cpanel .
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    try http://ip:2086 or :2087 instead of /whm

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    Yes try to check the logs and try to restart the cpanel service using,

    #/etc/rc.d/init.d/cpanel restart
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    Thanks everybody for your replies, it worked just with updating cPanel and rebooting the server

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    Good to see that you got it working; I have noticed that some hosting companies give out servers with some special firewall rules, which causes problems with WHM/cPanel if you use the ports.

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