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    If I Own A Web Server How I Do To Connect It!!


    PowerEdge 350
    Intel® CeleronTM processor at 850MHz
    128MB to 1GB ECC SDRAM memory
    Bays for 2 hard drives
    Up to 240GB maximum internal storage
    Rack-Mountable 1U Chassis: 1.70" H x 16.7" W x 22" D
    1 available 32-bit/33MHz PCI slot
    Space-saving server performance at entry-level price.

    He will sell me this in 999 dolars.
    But i want to know this:
    Is good that price?
    Can this work for my website?
    How I connect it?
    "Do i have to pay something to connect it. In general what i can do with this webserver. Please your answer is very important to me.

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    That's a terrible web server if you don't know how to connect it. Get a reseller account and keep your server at home to practice on.
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    Hi mickeycuba,
    Firstly I have to say that if you want to sart up your own web hosting company that a reseller packages might be a more sensible way to start that getting your own server.
    In answer to your questions:

    Is good that price?
    I would say that you could get a higher-spec server for quite a bit less than this if you really want one.

    Can this work for my website?
    Yes, that specification would be fine for hosting websites on, but I would advise you to stick to a bare minimum of 256 MB RAM.

    How I connect it?
    Usually you would either rent a dedicated server from a company and have them host it on their network or you could purchase your own server and 'co-locate' it in a data center. If you have a fast internet connection at home you can host it yourself.

    Do i have to pay something to connect it. In general what i can do with this webserver.
    If you either rent a server off a company or co-locate your own it will cost around $100 per month (perhaps more).

    Good luck with your business venture.
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    Your uncle may be trying to take you for a ride. You can get a PowerEdge 350 for $849 at (

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    might not be taking him for a ride depending on the support contract / memory included / disks ..

    however.. stick to reselling until you are able to pickup things a bit more
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    Thats a pretty messed up uncle, you can do much better.

    But of course, it is a dell, so it might be a little more, but still, thats more then you need to pay.

    Personally, You need to wait on this for at least 3-4 months and research it a bit more.
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    The server is the easy part. The harder part (if you have a limited budget) is finding a reliable place to colocate it who will provide great service and network quality. And if you're going to host customers or have an important site on the server, you have to have a plan for things like what happens if a drive fails 3 months from now at 3:30 AM. Will you be awake/available when something fails? Who will replace it, what access is there, will spares be available, what will it cost you to provide spares, wil you have backup server(s). And the same for every other component. Then you have to decide what quality of service/network you require and can afford.

    For now as has been said I would start with reselling.
    Then I would move up to dedicated servers until you get a few of them and are comfortable working remotely on them (that way the datacenter takes care of the hardware). Before colocating I would get very familiar with both hardware and diagnosing problems - build a computer or two for yourself or friends and install linux/freebsd/etc. on them, update kernels, get familiar with them where if something goes wrong you have 100% access to the server.
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