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    Control Panel for Personal Use / Will Litespeed Work For Me?

    I just got a VPS, running CentOS (5.something... does 3 sound right?) and I was able to install PHP, Apache, and MySql and such...

    I want to know now... is there any Control Panel thats FREE that works just to add on a couple domains here or there and manage my websites from something web based? I am not looking for resellers or anything fancy... I just want to open up myphpadmin to manage databases, basic file manager, ability to add websites and databases... Basically a system like cPanel where I don't have to worry about opening up terminal unless I want to do fancy stuff, which wont be often.

    I don't need themes, I don't need user friendlyness... I just need free.. or maybe a 1 time payment but no reoccuring licence.


    I want to get the free version of litespeed because it seems like it would be perfect for my needs, but the free version only allows 150 concurrent connections. I honestly am new to all of this and I don't even know what a "connection" is.. like only 150 people can load a webpage at once? ooor how does that work? If I am hosting at max 6 websites, none of which are popular and probably never will be... will 150 connections slow me down?

    Thanks for your help!

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    webmin could work for you , its free !!!
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    Okay and litespeed... I am really just concerned about the limits on it then actually using it.. I am sold on the idea of USING litespeed, I just don't know if those limits are okay for one person

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    150 should be enough for one person.

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    What exactly does a "connection" represent?

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