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    * DELIMITER - Core i7 100gb/200gb/300gb VPS + Dedicated. DirectAdmin. WHT discount!

    DELIMITER.US - Web hosting without limits.

    VPS100 - $35/mo, $335/yr
    Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU
    100gb disk space
    768mb dedicated RAM
    Unmetered bandwidth

    VPS200 - $47/mo, $450/yr
    Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU
    200gb disk space
    1.5gb dedicated RAM
    Unmetered bandwidth

    VPS300 - $60/mo, $575/yr
    Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU
    300gb disk space
    2.5gb dedicated RAM
    Unmetered bandwidth

    Dedicated plans available also -

    - Free DirectAdmin and Installatron with all plans
    - 12-month plans are 20% off the monthly rate, 6-month plans are 10% off
    - Bandwidth per VPS is "unmetered," actual bandwidth per server is 5TB on 100mbit line
    - All servers use X58 mobos + Core i7 CPU; Centos 5.3 + choice of Linux distro for VPS accounts

    Special WebHosting Talk Promotion - Enter code "WHT10" at checkout and receive 10% off any plan. Also applies to bi-annual and annual plans which are already discounted.

    [email protected]

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    I order server from 2 months ago paid $450 Dollars abd after 2 months have no server and no money.

    After asking for refund only answer i got was to cancel my service, which i never got. are a bunch of thieves

    GUYS STAY OUT or risk loosing your money.

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    i also have VPS with them and got no service and no refund....

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    thanks for info.

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