SPEAKservers - Premium Hosting Solutions

SPEAKservers is pleased to introduce our new website and product lines!

For over 2 years now, SPEAKservers has been a leader in the TeamSpeak Hosting field; and now we are extending our services to include Virtual Servers (VPS).

Our Virtual Servers are powered by our High-Availability Server Cluster featuring Dell Server Nodes and iSCSI Storage Arrays at very affordable prices!

Below are some of the great deals we are running as part of our new website launch.

VPS #1
RAM: 192MB
Bandwidth: 1Mbps
Price: $25/mo
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VPS #2
RAM: 256MB
Bandwidth: 2Mbps
Price: $35/mo
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VPS #3
RAM: 384MB
Bandwidth: 3Mbps
Price: $45/mo
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VPS #4
RAM: 512MB
Bandwidth: 4Mbps
Price: $65/mo
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VPS #5
RAM: 768MB
Bandwidth: 5Mbps
Price: $85/mo
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VPS #6
RAM: 1024MB
Bandwidth: 6Mbps
Price: $95/mo
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Windows 2003 Web: $15/mo
Windows 2003 R2 Std: $25/mo
Windows 2008 Web: $15/mo
Windows 2008 R2 Std: $25/mo


Common Q & A

Q: How long does setup usually take?
A: VPS are normally provisioned within two hours.

Q: What type of hardware and storage do your VPS run on?
A: We run all Dell hardware for both the nodes and SANs. There is no mix and match in the cluster.

Q: What type of network connections do your nodes have?
A: All nodes have multi-gigabit connections.

Q: Who are your bandwidth providers?
A: We provide a blend of Qwest and Limelight Networks.

Q: Where are your servers physically located?
A: All VPS products are located in Tucson, AZ with Denver, CO coming up soon!