Hi everyone at Webhosttalk!

I have been trying all weekend to get my WebHostmanager configuration set up correctly. I am new to this and hope you can help me with my issue.

Issue: I selected "Create a New Account" from WebHostmanager, log into the new Cpanel account and started uploading some files.

The uploaded files displays successfully at "http://208.53.18x.xxx/testdmin/postinfo.html", but if I go to my park domain "http://examplemanga.com/postinfo.html" (example domain), the upload files does not display. The following are some information/steps I did:

1) From Godaddy.com, my domain name server is listed as:


2) This is the information from my web host manager:

-Server IP : 208.53.18x.xxx
-Hostname: examplemanga.DOMAINCONROL.com
-Primary Nameserver:NS44.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
-Secondary Nameserver:NS45.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
-In SSH, edit /etc/resolv.conf look like this:

Search localdomain
-nameserver 66.xx.xx.xx
-nameserver 66.xx.xx.xx

3) From the WebHostManager CPanel, I clicked on "Create a New Account/List Account".

-Domain: examplemanga.com (park domain from godaddy.com)
-IP: 208.53.18x.xxx
-The "A entry for your hostname": examplemanga.DOMAINCONROL.com // 208.53.18x.xxx

Question: I am able to upload the files, but why is it not showing on my park domain "http://examplemanga.com/postinfo.html"? Do you know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks a million in advance,