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    Hello All

    I have just discovered this site and believe it will be a great asset to me for my projects. I have just started a web hosting company a couple weeks ago and starting at ground level. I already have several customers and a couple servers. 1 dedicated and 1 shared. I have a domain for my new web hosting company and just stuck drupal up on the webpage. hopefully with what is contained here at webhosting talk, i can build a successful web hosting business.

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Thanks for the head's up, i was actually reading those rules. As what i stated in my first post here, i am not interested in building post count or spamming this forum as i own many forums myself and would expect the same on my boards. I am here to learn how to build a successful hosting business.

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    Welcome to WHT, and enjoy your stay.

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