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    30 VPS's per node - a lot?

    For a quad core processor with 16-32GB RAM and SAS raid 10, would 30 VPS's be a lot?

    I have a VPS with 1Gb RAM on a machine as above. I'm running about 40 (relatively low-volume) websites on it. Seems to me that if 30 others were doing anything similar, that would overwhelm a single machine.

    Am I just making an uninformed bad assumption? So far, performance on my VPS has been fine.



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    It's easy to try to push someone into a more powerful box, and obviously a dual-quad would be preferable over a single-quad, but I think the best advice for you would just be to go with the box if you already have it, monitor resource usage, and buy a new one when cpu loads are consistently around 70% or so on each core. In your setup it sounds like the processor will definitely be the bottleneck.

    The age/specs of the CPU can also make a huge difference. All generations of Xeons were definitely not created equal.

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    I run a lot of VPS servers, and while I've never stuck that many on a single node, I think the Core i7 towers I use (only 8gb RAM, though) could easily handle it as long as the clients weren't all overloading the CPU. I think more than 20-30 clients gets a bit risky.

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    Thanks jarrodsl, wziard.

    I think the box may in fact be a dual quad-core.

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    I wouldn't want to run 30 1gb vps' on the same machine.. Far too much for my liking.

    But if you are the only one using the VPS' it can't be too bad, if you are selling them you probably should make sure you are running dual cpu quad core xeon nehalems, and with that you get ddr3 ram. The SAS 15krpm hdds in raid10 would definitely help. But if you are running 30vps' all at high usage it still might not be enough.

    Probably 16 1gb vps' at that usage would run better.

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    I too would not recommand you running so many VPS on single node... can result in server crash down if load crosses the threshold...

    So be careful.

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    I am not sure how you calculate the usage, but I want to show you how I do it. We start with the core, you said it is an quad core so let's approximate you all ways buy the latest hardware and it is an QX9775 (@ 3200 Mhz with 12 MB cache) this would mean each of your clients has around 426.67 Mhz and 0.4 MB cache. Now you have to subtract the calculation power required for the virtualization software and so on.
    As you can see one quad core is not enough, also I highly recommend clustering several nodes to provide an more reliable service.

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    This question is totally dependent on the hardware being used...

    Take one of the newer Nehalems for instance... Pack 16GB RAM into the box and utilize 4 x 300GB 10k SAS drives in RAID-10 and I would say that you could easily run 30 mid-use containers.

    Now, if you are talking about a Phenom x4 or a lower end Core2Quad then you are going to likely run into some issues.

    The drives will likely be the limiting factor, though.

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    If the Ram is sufficient and the CPU Clockspeed is enough it should not be a issue.
    Also Virtualization Technologies restrict it to that limit set.
    If the limit is crossed only that NODE is shut down by force not all. So there is no chance of one node causing a break down.

    Yes there will be a problem when there are hardware issues!
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    Depends on the CPU

    A VPS node with 16GB RAM or more should have dual quadcore CPU's though. A single quadcore isn't going to cut it.

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    Companies would normally run 15 at the max, so yes 31 is a lot more than it should be
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    actually if you do mathematical calculations it isn't that bad. lets say you are using a 2.6ghz core 2 quad. 2.67 X 1000(mhz)= 2670 mhz X 4 (cores) = 10680 mhz/ 30 nodes = 356 mhz per node. and if you have 8 gb ram that is about 256mb per node.

    i would recommend a 2.93 ghz core 2 quad or (be cheap) overclock the 2.6 to 3.2ghz. then you have about 425mhz per node. so that is logical.

    this is possible and it will work fine.(would recomend 16 gb ram at least)

    now on dual cores you do 15 at max.

    and aveugotawkdside um yah thats i lie i know what i and they do

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    Memory and CPU are usually never the bottleneck on a VPS node, it is usually always the disk drives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by team-vps View Post
    Memory and CPU are usually never the bottleneck on a VPS node, it is usually always the disk drives.
    You've said it right!

    @OP, you should be fine because w/ RAID 10 you'll be using 4 SAS drives.

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    It really depends on the hardware being utilized. Some servers can only hold 5 VPS's, some servers could hold 50 of those using OpenVZ architecture. The beauty with containers is that if you have a big server with 32-64GB of ram, you can split up the containers on several different raid arrays in the server to reduce the HD i/o consumption and still give high performance.

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    Discard all what you heard above about the number of VPS running on the server. All this business is NOT about the number of VPS running, but about WHAT THEY DO on the server, and if they are over using the resources. You can have a server running 8 VPS and be overloaded, and another one running 40 VPSes being underused. This is all about monitoring of resources. This is NOT ONLY the CPU, but also (and maybe even MAINLY) about the I/O bandwidth. I would highly recommend that you monitor in real time both CPU and I/O and make the graphs available to all users on the server (which is exactly what we do by the way).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AveUgotaWkdSide View Post
    Companies would normally run 15 at the max, so yes 31 is a lot more than it should be
    What tests have you ran to determine that 15 is the max VPS's you can have on a single node? That seems like a number you pulled out of no where. You can run 1 VPS on a node and it can overload it. You can run 50 VPS's on a machine and not overload it. It depends on what they are doing with their VPS.

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    All VPS running on that node are having 1GB RAM? I don't think any provider will do that.
    There must be some small VPS also on that node.

    Confirm it with your provider and let us know.

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