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    Wondering if any of you would mind taking a look at the
    newest incarnation of my online science fiction novel site;

    - as well as my main site;

    Both sites have been online for about 3 years, but I am always
    up for changing things...

    Thanks in advance...

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    Pretty good, although I am never a fan of bright colors. But since you going for the 80's look, which I think you are, then it looks fine.
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    simple, but clean. If you want to make it a bit more exciting say so, but if not its good.

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    Thanks for the early comments. What I am mainly interested in
    is seeing if there is a problem navigating to all the pages (and just getting around in general), not really in just how the front page looks.

    I realize there is no "universally perfect" style for a web site (and
    if there was, the www would be a boring place , but if there
    is a general agreement among reviewers as to changes, I would be happy to consider them.

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    nice and simple

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    Does anyone else agree with Flitcher that the and sites have an 80's look to them? I have to admit that my 3D simulation and science fiction story were both inspired by the 80's movie TRON, but I didn't think I was carrying that style into my site. If so, is this a bad thing?

    FYI - This version was inspired by the current site (big picture in the background with text in foreground).

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    I think your designs are fitting for the subject matter. Not a bad thing, though on some of the pages, it wouldn't hurt to bring the size of the font down a bit.

    I viewed your sites in Mozilla and they were clean and easy to navigate. You've done some nice work here.

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    They are basically the same site with a different graphic. I think you need to create a different web image for the two of them to seperate their uniqueness. Times have changed and you can definitly find a better graphic and logo than that.
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    Thanks for all the input - some like the style I've chosen and others - well, not so much. I listen to and appreciate all comments.

    To be honest, if I was running a web business, I would have a page like - cool flash there, although maybe a bit to much movement for my tastes. I do like the general layout, although I am seeing the same look more and more places (so much copying these days)...

    My site is more of a "personal" site showcasing my writing and my brother's 3d Graphics - nothing more. I have added flash, javascripts, and other moving bits from time to time, but quickly removed them because they annoyed me. So, what I am left with is simple.

    I did take one person's suggestion (JSpired) and reduced the font size on many pages, including the front page. I also reduced some of the images down 25%. I have a 1280x1024 flatscreen monitor and I forget that not everyone is viewing the web at such a high resolution..

    Again, thanks for all the comments
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    One last post.

    I changed the front page of - I've gone back to a simple "stark-blue" theme. The background image is from the illustrated story. Any comments?

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    Additional note:

    Even though my story came out many years before "The Matrix", I am constantly being compared to it. You could say the style of my story is "Matrix meets TRON," so I am trying to make my site have this same feeling - stark blue backgrounds, but with subdued easy-to-read text colors (with an occasional stand-out red or green heading).

    Question: Am I pulling this look off?
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