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    CNAME redirect & host blog on same domain? (Help a newbie out!)

    I've got a bit of a tricky (and time-sensitive!) question and am turning to you kind folks for help! I'm a fairly experienced HTML/CSS designer but am a bit more of a novice in wading into the area of domains and hosting, so please bear with me if this is a simple/stupid question.

    (NOTE: Because I'm a new user to this forum, the system said I'm not allowed to link to URLs -- that's why there are stupid spaces in all my URLs...)

    Here's the situation:

    I currently moderate a forum hosted on UserVoice (www . uservoice . com), one of those idea generation/discussion tools. The forum itself exists at napawash . uservoice . com. However, Uservoice allows domain aliasing, so I have set up a domain, www . betterbuyproject . com, and used my CNAME settings so that www . betterbuyproject . com is an alias for napawash . uservoice . com.

    Here's the twist: I also want to host a blog at the same domain, either at blog . betterbuyproject . com or www . betterbuyproject . com/blog. I have set up a Movable Type installation on the domain name, but whenever I try to access it I'm just taken to a UserVoice page. My question is this: Is it possible to simultaneously:

    Have my main URL, www . betterbuyproject . com, act as an alias for napawash . uservoice . com,


    Have a subdirectory on my URL, either blog . betterbuyproject . com or www . betterbuyproject . com/blog, host a Movable Type blog?

    One other solution I have considered is setting up a typepad blog at someurl . typepad . com and having the subdomain blog . betterbuyproject . com redirect/alias to that. Might that work?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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    www . betterbuyproject . com/blog won't work, as www . betterbuyproject . com is already set an alias (CNAME) in the DNS.

    You can use blog . betterbuyproject . com

    You need to setup a proper CNAME record for the subdomain to make it point to the right address and that should do it for you.

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    Gary thanks so much for your reply. My questions are:

    - If I did that, what domain should I have blog . betterbuyproject . com point to? Could I buy another URL, www . blah . com, host the blog there, point blog . betterbuyproject . com there, and have it run that way?

    - If so, how can I make sure it does true aliasing, rather than redirection? (For example, even if someone goes to the blog and clicks a link into, say, a particular post, I want blog . betterbuyproject . com, NOT www . blah . com, to remain as the root URL they see.

    Thank you!

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    Yes that should work.

    Now in order to make sure that the domain is a true alias, you will have to make those configuration on the web server your site is located on.

    So for instance if it is apache, then you will have to make sure that you have proper alias added to it.

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