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    * WINDOWS 2008 VPS, MUST GO!

    Dear Ladies, Gentlemen and those in-between, We must rid these vps today! we only have 7 left! So get them whilst you can!

    60GB Disk Space (Doubled see vouchers below)
    1024MB Ram
    500GB Bandwidth
    IP’s: 4
    Hyper V Technology
    24/7 Support
    $49.99 per month!
    Click Here to Signup

    + Vouchers +

    Use code: DOUBLE_D for double disk space*
    Use code: F2_Support for two months free fully managed*

    Our Promise

    We promise too you that we will be on live chat Monday - Sunday from 08:00-03:00 (GMT).

    Not online?
    Don't worry! Send us a support ticket and see a response within two hours, however usually in minutes!


    What is a VPS?

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, in a nutshell it is just like your own dedicated server however at a fraction of the cost.

    Do I get full root/Administrator access to my VPS?

    Yes. You will be provided with Remote Desktop details for your server, however we recommend that you create another user account for most basic texts for security.

    How long will it take to setup?

    Depending on your requirements e.g. if there are no extras, then it can be setup within an hour, however under some circumstances it may take up to 48hours.

    Can I upgrade my package?

    Sure, you can upgrade your package at any time easily in your client area - you can also contact us if you wish to only upgrade certain resources such as Bandwidth.

    It's been over 48hours and I still have not received my information?

    Make sure you have checked your spam inbox in case any of our emails have been trapped in there. If you are sure you have not received any information then please contact us using any of the methods below.

    I have another question, how may I contact you?

    We have multiple methods of contact:

    If you are not a already a client:

    Live Chat (via livezilla)
    Email: [email protected]

    If you are a client:

    All of the above, plus ticketing in your client area.

    Matt & Dan
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