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    Opteron 1216 HE, 4GB RAM, 2x 300GB Hard Disks + Unlimited Domain Plesk Licence

    We at K D Hosting are proud to announce that we are offering a Dedicated Dual Core Server for only 69.99 per month.

    What you Get

    CPU: AMD Opteron 1216 HE 2 x 2.4 GHz
    4 Gb Ram
    2 x 300GB Hard Drives (Raid 1)
    2 IP Addresses
    Free (Remote Storage We automatically backup your server configuration and data daily to our backup servers.

    Unmetered Data Transfer at 100mpbs

    Plesk 9.22 Control Panel
    Unlimited Domain Licence Included

    Extra Free Stuff included.
    5 x Free Domain Name Registrations ".UK, .COM, .NET, .ORG
    Free Telephone and Email Support


    Sign Up URL

    Promotion Code: WHT5 - Save 30.01 per month

    Only 1 Server Available so be quick to order before it goes

    Payment Terms
    Payment via PayPal for better security

    Speed Tests
    Here is a 107Mb file located on one of our servers.

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    how much bandwitdh at least? where is datacenter?

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    Bandwidth: Unmetered Data Transfer at 100mpbs

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    so i can use about 60 tb monthly? (in+out)

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    yes thats no problem without no extra charge.

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    The ad says unmetered, but they have a "Fair usage policy", which states

    To ensure fair allocation of resources, users who exceed 1000GB traffic per month will automatically incur a temporary connectivity restriction of 10MBit bandwidth with 250GB traffic. This traffic limit can be overridden in incremental 250GB steps. Full 100MBit bandwidth can also be manually restored. This process can be repeated as often as necessary within a billing cycle without incurring additional charge.
    Seems a little odd.

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    yes thats true, there is a fair usage policy, but there is nothing stopping the user from using 60TB of data transfer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcaidit View Post
    yes thats true, there is a fair usage policy, but there is nothing stopping the user from using 60TB of data transfer.
    Could you post some BW usage graphs to proof this, thanks.

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    Hi, I don't have graphs to hand sorry, however should any one rent the server and we not uphold our service, we are happy to refund you.

    Unlimited traffic means you don’t have to worry about spikes in your server traffic increasing your costs, receive surprise traffic bills or keep track that you’re not exceeding your monthly allowance.

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    Can offer 7 days Free trial if required.

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