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    * My root password doesn't work anymore, was I hacked?

    So I can't get in SSH or WHM with the root password anymore.
    I am thinking I got hacked.

    If the hacker changed the root password, can the datacenter staff still get in the server and recover my data?

    I am thinking the datacenter should unplug the server for now so if the server was really hacked, the hacker can't do anymore harm to the data. Thoughts?

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    Yeah, they can secure the data as they have physical access to the server. But why do you think the server got hacked?

    Sometimes your IP may be a temporarily blocked in the firewall.

    Due you have any control panel installed?

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    IP is not blocked. I can reach my reseller account WHM.

    It's been over 30 minutes since I sent ticket, emergency level, to the DC and no response yet, is this normal?? My data is at risk..

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    Reseller WHM and root WHM passwords are different. Make sure that you are typing correct root password.

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    I know they are different...

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