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    Best way to peer and get full BGP routing table

    Just considering the various options there are to get peering with various providers for a low cost.

    For example If I peer with linx I believe I can get roughly 150,000 routes, if I also peer with lonap I might be able to get a few more but am still well short of the 300,000 BGP routes out there.

    If I peer with someone like Level3 I believe they'll send over a complete routing table but the costs are pretty expensive.

    Is this the best way to go or do you have other stratergies?

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    in typical circumstances, a peer will only announce to you their own IPs - generally transit IP is not allowed and filtered out - so I dont know where you are getting the 150,000 routes. Unless of course you have an agreement with them to allow transit IP traffic - then this case this is not peering.

    Another thing to consider with peering is that they may not decide to peer with you (various reasons)

    are you trying to get full internet routing without having to buy service from an upstream provider?

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    I'm trying to get as much upstream transit via a cheaper provider and only sending stuff via a premium provider where I have to.

    My understanding of peering with is that I can also use them for transit at a fixed port speed cost.. Maybe I'm wrong on that.

    To summarise you're correct, I'm trying to get a full internet table and in the case a premium provider is needed avoiding sending my traffic outbound via them unless absolutely nessecary.

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    im not familiar with LINX's setup but just from reading their web looks like a typical IXP but you still have to negotiate your peering with other providers to get access to their network - i did not see anything about transit IP routing at their page. You can always set a higher localpref on your cheaper provider to force traffic on them (inbound will be a different beast) - I typically set my localpref to 110 on the peers and 90 on my upstream

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    LINX is the London INternet eXchange.

    This is, as you say, a typical IXP. You will not get 150k routes just by joining. There are a large number of routes available on the MLP service, however not all members participate (we don't, for example, as our policy does not allow for it).

    You could always look at partial transit which some networks in the UK provide.
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