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    Question Bandwidth usage problem


    I have gotten into a trouble with my VPS provider and seek your guidence.

    I signed up with a provider on 14th September. They use SolusVM for VPS management. The VPS have been great so far and I haven't got any major downtime or issue that I needed their help. I use Kloxo to manage everything. (Self managed VPS)

    The VPS came with 200GB BW/month. Ideally (Like every other provider) the BW stats should have reset on my renewal on 14th October. But somehow, SolusVM is calculating October BW from day 1 and showing that I have consumed 98% of total 200BW in just 17 days.

    I sent them a ticket and asked them to rectify the problem. But instead, they are playing with me from last 2 days. First they told me that I have used that VPS to share few avi files so I have used up my BW. (Which is incorrect) Then they told me that I have illegal files that needs to be removed or they will suspend the server. (I removed all avi files)
    (Legal or illegal, thatís not the debate here)

    But somehow, they donít understand my point that I shouldnít have BW problem. Looking at my usage log, I only used over 13GB in last 4 days. So I am well under my quota for 2nd month.

    What I should be doing??
    Does BW usage is actually measured from Day 1 of each month(Irrespective of signup date)????
    Perhaps my provider is correct)

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    Have you contacted the billing department as opposed to technical support? It does read like the responder is not taking his/her time to read your request properly. There's obviously a mismatch between the billing cycle period and SolusVM's accounting period.

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    Also be sure you monitor the traffic on all ports as streaming videos might be done by using another port not the default httpd port, so maybe you just saw the wrong amount of traffic in your control panel ? (as lxadmin aka. Kloxo is designed for webservers where the most traffic is handled by httpd)

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    SolusVM generally does a good job of tracking bandwidth, we have never had any problems. If you have a fairly reputable provider i greatly doubt that they are trying to game your bandwidth to make you pay more.
    Check to make sure you don't have any unknown services running on your VPS, it could have been hacked, we've had a client who has had that issue before

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