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    James Smith Guest

    Red face

    I very quickly need to change hosts. I own

    But have run out of space on my server. I have a quite heavily used bulletein board, where users can upload their own images, so a lot of space is used. I need an unlimited plan, for no more than $15 a month. Any recommendations?

    Or, would anybody out there be able to host my site for me? A banner would be no problem.

    Thanks a lot!

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    helper Guest


    How much space do you need?

    How much bandwidth are you using?

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    getting_out Guest


    This is what I am talking about.

    "I need unlimited everything, for 15 bucks and a bag of chips."

    People like this deserve to be scammed.. and likely enough will be.

    It's hard not to want to do business with an idiot.

    James Smith: There's no such thing as unlimited anything (other than maybe our universe..).

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    Matty Guest


    No one deserves to be scammed, no matter what they're asking for, if a company can't do it then don't have to.

    Your demands are quite unreasonable, many companies that do offer unmetered space often take annoyed when people take full advantage of that (some small print in TOS).

    You should look at companies that offer large capacity storage like or try searching this site for hosts that offer storage > 200mb.

    Good Luck

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    LuckyLukas Guest


    Freedomhosting give Unlimited Disk storage

    for more info go here:

    I hope that it will help you

    Have a nice Day

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    Pepsicoke Guest


    Check out

    2 package, one with 300 MB & 12 gigs of bandwidth per month and the other unlimited


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