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    LxAdmin, some questions...

    Hey all,

    I had a few questions about LxAdmin. I know that the owner killed him self (rip) and that there are lots of security problems. But what i wanted to know is that if i only have private accounts on a VPS with LxAdmin (not providing hosting) will it be okay?

    I have been reading all the bugs and it looks like you have to have a username to login to the control panel first?

    I have brought a VPS and i want to host my forums on it but i need a control panel so would it be secure for me to use LxAdmin for myself?

    I hope someone can help clear things out for me.

    Thanks a lot!

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    That should be fine really. If you want to be extra secure, you could restrict access to the LxAdmin control panel/login URL ports to only your IP address using iptables, which is reasonably straight forward to do and will mean that no one else can access you LxAdmin control panel to even try and login except you.

    In private use, I am sure this is OK to do.
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    I was going to change the ports to something that only i would remember because my IP is dynamic.

    Thanks for informing me, do you know any other ways or will just changing the ports be enough? (or leaving the ports is okay too?)

    I would love it if others could tell me what they know too, i was hoping at least three people could give their point of views about this so i know what to do. ( not that your advice is wrong )

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