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Thread: So confused...

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    So confused...

    Hey guys. I currently am setting up a shared webserver as a test, out of curiosity. I registered my domain for my NS,

    Now here is where I'm confused. I did a fresh install of Debian, then I installed ISPCP.

    Great. I can access the site through my router IP and a little port fowarding.

    I went into GoDaddy's domain manager to register my name servers, and

    I set both IPs to which is my router IP.

    I let GoDaddys servers do their thing, then tried out the site. I get slapped with a Cannot find site message when I try

    I have a user account setup for

    Do I need to set up BIND9 for something?

    Please help. Thanks

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    When you setup your own name servers you register them with godaddy and then create an a record for that ns.
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