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    Is there a market for Webspace hosted in Germany


    I launched a Webhoster for the German, Austrian and Suiss market some time ago and now I'm thinking about expanding my business to the english speaking market.

    The question is, will there be a demand for "offshore" webspace or servers hosted in Germany.

    Would be cool if you could share your opinion.

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    May I ask if your servers are hosted in a German Data Center? If it is, then there may be a small market for people who want to have their site mirrored in multiple locations.

    I know that Germany has anti-piracy laws so you should not try to attract "warez" hosters, however you may attract some "hackers" or "Script Kiddies" as they love overseas servers,
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    The servers I am using are located in a datacenter in Duesseldorf ...

    I won't go for warez sites but I know the laws over here. I was just thinking about more focusing on businesses because as we all know the location of the server is still important for the rating in search engines and of course teh site might load faster if it's located next to the user

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    there is a demand for shared hosting and vps market ( German Servers)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vamsii View Post
    there is a demand for shared hosting and vps market ( German Servers)
    Is this your own expirience or can you give any evidence? I mean that would be perfect because I could provide all of this.

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    There is always a demand for offshore

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    With reseller account everything depends on the marketing. If you are good at it I assume you will be successful as for the residents of the local areas as for the ones who needs offshore
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    Price will be the main factor
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    what do you think competitive prices will be? I know compated to other providers in Germany and Austria I am pretty competetive

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