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    Where to sell domain+website


    i want to know where can i sell my domain + website.
    Thank you

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    You can sell it on WHT check the advertising forums

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    There is also and don't discount eBay. I know one guy who flips sites on eBay quite regularly.

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    There are many domain/website marketplaces. All huge domain registrars has their own domain auctions. Search for popular webmaster's forums, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner-1 View Post
    There is also and don't discount eBay. I know one guy who flips sites on eBay quite regularly.
    btw, sitepoint's website and domain marketplace has moved to a new site of it's own call

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    Search in the google for the "webmasters forums" and see if it is listed sites have a "buy, sell and trade" section for domain and webpages. If they do, create an account and put a message describing what you're selling. Potential customers will contact you for details.
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    well sedo is good place, you can use great tools to estimate your domain price before sell

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    we not really believe the judge of domain price.
    what is the baseline of judgment?

  11. #11 <<-- the best place , COst $19 forums

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    I vote for sedo. I sold a few sites on sedo and my experience is great about this company. Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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    I have sold domains via different venues, incl. right here on WebHostingTalk, another hosting related forum, DNForum, former GreatDomains, former Afternic, Sedo and even a non-domain/hosting forum.

    So far (over the last 10 years), DNForum has worked best for me, partly because almost most big players are members there. Sales may not come directly from a post or thread but PM (Private Message) BECAUSE of your exposure there. Sedo is not bad either, and they have a good European (and lately Asian) clientele that many US-based websites/forums don't have much access to.
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    most forums have a sell section.
    you can also use sedo for your needs. Is now a Google PR 6
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    Look at the website and domains marketing site it seems nice.
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    Sedo is good, used it many times.

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    Have you tried Digitalpoint Forum

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    Sedo is probably the most popular one. Also Webmasters Marketplace is also a good one to visit.

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    flippa is very expensive if you are selling sites $10,000+, but sedo is best IMO because they have their own escrow service.

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    I am interested.

    can i know the website URL and domain might be i am interested to buy.

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    you can also advertise it on local news papers. The best place however is to sell by advertising it on forums.

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    You can sell your domain+website at webmaster forums like,, you can also try filppa

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    sedo isn't good choice ,, they get huge fees percentage

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