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    Question Proxy server

    Hello guys,

    I'm outsourcing some works overseas and my oversea employees are directly contacting the customer to discuss his needs. Everything is fine except when a client sees the email IP address (he is dealing with a local company, how come he is being emailed me from India or some similar places).

    So I decided to create a proxy server for the oversea employees. I need the one that requires the browser setting change to have all the traffic passing through the server/VPS, therefore the IP will be the IP of the server and there's no way to find the original IP (of course no problem is it exists in the proxy server, but not showing in any way to the customer).

    The problem is I absolutely have no idea how to do this.

    - Can this be accomplished on a VPS or a server is required?
    - Do I need a Linux or Windows OS?
    - Do I need any software? If so, could you recommend some.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could definitely do this on a VPS, the easiest way is probably to set up a SOCKS proxy, and then configure your mail client to connect through it.
    Either Linux or Windows works, i'd recommend Linux as it's a server.
    Check out Squid, it can be set up to do exactly what you need.

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    Thanks for your follow up. Do you mean

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    Make sure that you setup access restrictions to keep your server from becoming an open proxy where anyone can use it. You should either restrict access by source IP of the client or use some type of authentication.

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