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    * ScarabWeb- New Datacenter, 60% OFF, New Dedicated Server Starting From $59.00/month

    ScarabWeb always look to improve and provide the best to our clients.

    As our breaking news starting today we will be setting up a new dedicated server line.

    Fresh BRAND NEW servers are begin placed in our Data center located in Ohio. The new servers we have placed are state of the art advance and high performance technology bringing you the best for your business.

    All our Servers have Semi-Managed (monitoring, reboot - view below for more information) included and we offer a 100% managed addon for a very low rate.

    As celebration of our new dedicated servers we offer a special 50% discount for the first Month offer! USE COUPON DED60OFF

    Are you worried about moving your existing Server/hosting account to us? DON'T worry, we will handle the migration of your existing server/hosting account to your new ordered Dedicated Server for FREE!

    All our Servers can be customized and you easily can add memory, second cpu, bigger drives, and more at the ordering wizard!

    Budget Servers (Xeon EMT64 3.2GHz / up to 2x146GB 10.000 rpm SCSI Drives / RAID-0-1-5) - starting at $59.00/month

    1x Intel Xeon EMT64 (max 2xCPU) / 1GB DDR2 RAM (max 4GB)/ 2x72GB 10k RPM RAID 0/1 (max 4x 146GB drives) /10mbps Unmetered (3.000GB!) Bandwith

    View ALL our available Budget Servers and available Upgrades

    Midrange Servers (Single QuadCore Xeon / SAS Drives / RAID 0-1-5) - starting at $159.00/month

    1x Intel Xeon 1.6 QuadCore (max 2x CPU) / 2GB DDR2 RAM (max 8GB) / 2x146GB 10k RPM RAID 0/1 (max 4x 146GB drives) /10mbps Unmetered (3.000GB!) Bandwidth

    View ALL our Midrange Servers and available Upgrades

    Storage Servers (up to 12 TB SATA Disk Space! / RAID) - starting at $179.00/month


    1x Intel Xeon EMT64 (max 2xCPU) / 2GB DDR2 RAM (max 8GB)/ 3x 320GB 7.200k RPM RAID 0/1/5 (max 6x 2.000GB drives) /10mbps Unmetered (3.000GB!) Bandwidth

    View ALL our Storage Servers and available Upgrades

    High End Servers (Single/Dual QuadCore Xeon / SAS/SATA Drives up to 1.000GB / NOW up to 32GB RAM / RAID) - starting at $299.00/month


    1x Intel Xeon QuadCore 2.8 (max 2xCPU) / 4GB DDR3 RAM (max 32GB) / 2x146GB 10k RPM RAID 0/1 (max 2x500GB drives) / 10mbps Unmetered (3.000GB!) Bandwidth

    View ALL our High End Servers and available Upgrades

    Included with each dedicated server

    * No setup fees!
    * No contracts!
    * Choice of OS (CentOS, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Critix Xen, Windows 2003/2008 Standard/Enterprise(2))
    * 3,000GB Traffic (10mbit UNMETERED Port)
    * Choice of control panel (cPanel, Plesk) (1)
    * Full root access
    * 8 (5 Usable) IP Addresses (each dedicated have OWN private Subnet! - get up to 255 Ip Addresses!)
    * Fantastico Deluxe (Free with cPanel)
    * RVSkin (Free with cPanel)
    * ClickBe! Site Builder (Free with cPanel)
    * Free eNom domain reseller account (please contact sales)
    * Preinstalled services [ View list ]
    * 24x7 server monitoring [ View what's included ]
    * Free unlimited reboots
    * True 24x7 technical support
    * 100% Uptime SLA
    * Service level agreement [ View SLA ]

    Free account transfers!

    We will transfer your account(s) from your previous host at no extra cost. Simply open a support ticket once your account with us has been set up, and provide us with the following details so that we can transfer your account(s):
    * Server IP of your previous host
    * Your login and password of your account at your previous host

    We will then take care of the transfer and make sure all files are moved successfully.
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    I have a few questions, but I'm very interested to get the Budget 1:

    - ip for ping test
    - what is the 100% management price?

    Journalist of Tugaleaks, a Portuguese Wikileaks-inspired media organization.
    Geek with 8+ Years of VPS/Linux/cPanel experience.

    Twitter: @ruicruz

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    Thank you for your interests in our service. I will be more than glad to answer the following questions.

    1. IP is

    2. Our management service has a low fee of only $30.00/month for more information on whats managed and what service you get please go to

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    We are out of stock for Budget1 and Budget2 Servers



    Order 1 month get recurring 10% off (not just first month - for ever!) USE PROMOTION 10DEDFORLIFE
    Order 3 month get recurring 15% off (not just first month - for ever!) USE PROMOTION 15OFFLIFE
    Our first month get one time 60% off the first month USE PROMOTION DED60OFF

    Hurry up we only have couple serverS left and this offer expires at the end of OCTOBER

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