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    any experince with ?

    any one tried them before ?

    their prices looks super good for me and i am thinking about ordering a server before 20 OCT to receive the promotion.

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    no one tried them !!!!!

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    You might have better luck searching for reviews over at since provides services in Netherlands.

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    zero one zero one zero
    I've been using them to host our gameservers ( for a few months now, and they're awesome! Speeds are excellent, support is very, very fast.

    My only issue was my fault due to going on holiday, then forgetting to pay. To complicate matters, he hard drive failed two days before the due date, and so it took a few days to get back online, but they were extremely helpful

    So, thumbs up!
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    good news.

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    I havent really heard anything bad about them. When I looked a few weeks ago their prices for gameservers looked really high (they seemed to charge a lot of fees that other companies do not) but other than that I would say give them a try.

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    I use i3d. Very good port speed and fast support.

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    I used i3d about a year ago. The network and support were excellent. I would certainly recommend them.

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    thanks for all the replies guys.

    you were really helpful.

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    Amsterdam, Europe
    Thank you all for the feedback - this is much appreciated! (Deals) - Mail: [email protected]
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