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    Looking for Advice for Billing Software

    Hi everyone,

    Our company is looking for an online billing and management solution for our clients. We're also running about 4 separate departments - web, graphics, 3d, and marketing

    We provide mostly services but we also host our clients on our own server. We need to be able to set up monthly billing that can be paid online.

    We are NOT a hosting company so anything that is strictly "hosting company" related probably would not suit us well.

    Any suggestions?

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    WHMCS is my recommended for business of software or downloadble products. Especially for handle recurring bills.

    By the way, I'm running my business with whmcs but I'm not a hosting provider too!

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    Even though you are not a hosting company, still WHMCS is likely a good choice to bill services. Be it one time or recurring, you can even attach billable stuff directly from a support ticket.

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    WHMCS is the best system out there, but you could also look at something like freelancerpanel
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    Clientexec is also a good billing software, but i would still suggest WHMCS.

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    Another vote for WHMCS, it's built for web hosting but could easily be used for anything. I like its billing and statistics more than any other system I've used.

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    Try PHPInvoice.
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    You can try those billing solutions.


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    My votes goes to the WHMCS for its good and reliable features.
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    I recommend WHMCS.
    We use it, since 2 yrs and we like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheServerExperts View Post
    You can try those billing solutions.

    WHMCS is still the most widely used.
    Some of the Biggest Hosters use it and also many service providers.
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    While we use ubersmith data center edition to manage all our servers and clients, I would recommend WHMCS due to its ease of use and inexpensive entry price.

    You should check out ubersmith lite and pro versions also, they might fit your needs.
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    WHMCS has my vote too.

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    Another vote for WHMCS.

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    add my vote to the WHMCS pile, we use it for our hosting biz, and I also use it to manage my PC repair clients, works a dream
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    WHMCS is the best and most popular.... Its highly customizable and easily integrated....

    Its cheap

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    WHMCS is the best billing software.. add my vote to WHMCH

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    Depending on your purpose, I would most definetly stick with WHMCS, the price is reasonable for what your paying, especially with all those features and continuous updates.

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