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    Minumium Internet For Hosting?


    Im planning to start a hosting service. What is the minium required to run a hosting service at the start?

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    server - the bare minimum is:
    1- server: dedicate, virtual or reseller
    2- website
    3- hosting platform

    then billing system, support and so on...
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    Yeah, is it important to have a REALLY strong internet connection at the begining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaigon View Post
    Yeah, is it important to have a REALLY strong internet connection at the begining?
    This is not something you want to host out of your home or small office. If that of course is what you are thinking.

    Unless you have the following.
    Redundant power
    Redundant AC
    Battery Backup
    Redundant fiber connectivity.

    It's best to start with a Reseller, VPS or Dedicated box (in that order) maybe colocation if you have your own gear. Something preferably on a 100Mbps link, but starting out would probably be fine on 10Mbps.

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    you need good upload speeds - I have an upload speed of 1mbps currently at home and I won't dare host any of my popular sites - visitors will end up lagging after a point. I run gameservers at home which is fine and can handle up to 30-40 connections at the same time but it's not nearly as much as some websites get - you should also check with your ISP first, I hear some ISPs block port 80 unless you get a business package.

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    Don't start out with your own server in your basement/office etc.
    Start out properly with at least a good Reseller account, or a VPS

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    As above, don't attempt to host it out of your own home (unless you happen to live in a data centre, that is)
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    If you're new you signup with a reseller account first, when you get a good client base then think about a VPS or Dedicated server.

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