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  1. #1 with very limited connection speed

    I am using their RVPS-3 plan (30$/mo, 1024 MB RAM, 40 GB drive, 500GB BW) and I am pretty unhappy about the connection and response speeds of their servers - especially during traffic peaks in the US. The server is sometimes so slow that I have to wait 5-10 seconds for a simple HTML page to load. :/

    However the hardware itself works fine and for the money is IMO a very good deal. Also tech support is fine, I've had 3 requests so far and all were solved almost immediately (<20 mins). Although during the setup stage they changed the OS WITHOUT letting me know (!!!) due to installation of an admin panel. They quickly changed it back when I asked them, but it's pretty strange anyway.

    It really is a pity that the connection speed is so bad, because other than that I couldn't say a bad word about them. Now I have to consider moving somewhere else...

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    Where's the server located? Is it in U.S.?

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    Yes, it is in the US.

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    5-10 seconds is a bit of a wait and can be annoying while surfing.

    Considering the rest of your plan and how much you paid, it's probably what you should be getting.

    Did they say what speed you were running at? 10mbps? 100mbps?

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    There should be some sort of shared connection, dunno if it is 10 or 100mbps. Could anyone suggest some other VPS plan with better connectivity?

    I need at least:
    - 20GB space
    - 400GB bandwidth
    - 512MB RAM
    - price <40$/mo (may be 50$ if it really worth it...)


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    I didn't see any ticket about the slow speeds. I remember the OS being changed because DirectAdmin works best, in our experience, with CentOS, so it was changed. As for the slow speeds, can you please let me know where you live country wise? The server is in Dallas and no one else has mentioned any slowness, but it is possible connectivity to your country might not be the best. Let me know if we can assist you in any way.

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    Thanks I am just getting a feedback from my visitors, to find how how it's going around the world. I post here results when I get them...

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    If you want to have them run tracerts that would be help and they could be passed along to the Datacenter. It might just be a temporary issue or something that needs to be looked into. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Have you run any monitoring, just to make sure the cause isn't simply server load as opposed to the network? Anyway do try this: it's a nice tool to measure your site's loading time from a 3rd party :-)
    Exceptional VPS Hosting. With love, 6sync.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavC View Post
    Have you run any monitoring, just to make sure the cause isn't simply server load as opposed to the network? Anyway do try this: it's a nice tool to measure your site's loading time from a 3rd party :-)
    If you are asking me, then I can say that the servers are monitored with Pingdom and the response times are 58ms on average.

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    The ping itself goes fine (<100ms as usuall for US servers), but the site goes so so slow. I normally have 60-120 users online on the forum, but since I moved yesterday the number fell to 20 and most of them aren't even logged in, which I suppose might be caused by the connection speed as well. From just two responses - probably from those who were able to log in so far - both said (forums . - sorry for spaces, I cannot post links so far) that the connection speed is "poor".

    I moved the website from a shared hosting where it was going quiet smoothly, the reason why I moved was growing demands for system resources. According to virtuozzo I currently use <1% CPU and <15% RAM.

    I will check apache and mysql settings if it works as it should and let you know results.

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    Yup, there really are a lot of other hosts that offers pretty much better packages with very reasonable prices. You just have to keep looking around and find the best deal. Try the offer section forum.

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    Taking it all back. It seems the problem was in the settings of apache and not the connectivity of the server. The site now goes very well, I'll post more info later when I have more data. I'd also really appreciate if some moderator could edit my first post, thanks...

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