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    Question Domain Names

    hey all,

    I am looking for a turn key site, that i can use to sell domain names, I want something unbranded and where i can set my own prices. If anyone has a faviort place. Can they list it here!

  2. #2 - customizable and you will need about $250 startup and some paperwork. Pricing for most domains are $10/yr and you will need to replinish account with $250 at a time.

    and - they have pretty good setup and pricing is a bit better than which is TUCOWS.

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    Try - I hear they have a good reseller solution.

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    check out as well

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    If I'm not mistaken the cheapest that you can get a domain for from $14.95. You have to mark up your price above that. There's no way to make any money when others are selling domains for under $10.
    Brett Morey
    Faith Internet

  7. #7 $6.9 per domain.

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