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    Problem With WebServer

    I have a home webserver running windows.. with apache, php and mysql.. the domain is powerfulplacementdotcom.. dns and everything works and I forwarded port 80 on the router.. disabled all firewall as well..

    For some reason outside the network like on my work computer I cannot access the website...

    What could be the problem.. when I am on my server though.. the domain works.. localhost etc they all work flawlessly..

    I am on COX.. and the domain didnt work until i forwarded port 80 and then it afterwards i was able to access powerfulplacementdotcom on my home webserver

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    Seems to resolve on and it doesn't work for me, so are you sure you have everything setup correctly?
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    Do you have a static IP?

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    Most likely a configuration issue on your end. However, it is possible your ISP could be blocking inbound HTTP requests. Some ISP's are notorious for port blocking, especially for outbound SMTP. Also, I would recommend that you make sure your ISP's TOS allows hosting "servers/services" since this is against TOS for the majority of home ISP providers. If it is against the TOS and you are caught, you could find yourself without internet service pretty quick.

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    It could be possible that your ISP is blocking the inbound Request.

    If you are still interested you may try to change the port of the webserver.

    Thaat might work for you!!

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    try to run "nmap" against your home server from work - see if port 80 is open
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    Your ISP is probably blocking inbound requests on port 80, as far as i know its pretty common for them to do

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