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    * can you help me with a reliable hosting company ? plz

    can u plz recommend me a reliable hosting company with "attractive prices",good servie & support.

    i need a dedicated server with the following spec :

    >> The datacenter should be in USA .
    >> Intel Core2Quad 2.6 GHZ
    >> 4 GB Ram
    >> HDD: about 500GB
    >> BW: 2000BG BANDWIDTH
    >> PORT: 1000Mbps port
    >> no control pane,no firewall,....
    >> the budget: $150-$170
    >> month to month payment ( no long term prepayments ).
    >> payment should be: western union or bank transfer (i'v no credit card,no paypal).

    thnxx so much,

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    You can most likely arrange something custom with any host that will accept your bank transfer, but keep in mind that you will have to wait until your bank transfer clears, which could take up to a week, and after that you should make sure you send the payment for the next month in time for it to clear.
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    A company you may want to consider is FDCServers, we have a few servers there and they are reliable, since we started there we have had 100% Uptime. You may need to make arrangements with them unless you get a pre-paid credit card or visa gift card.

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    Sometimes hosting providers do ask for 6 or 12months payment incase of international wire transfers.
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    Perhaps look for Host that offer a 30 Days Risk Free Test Drive. Worst case scenario, you can always change your Host within 30 Days.
    Payment option may be a problem. Agree with 24 Shells, you may have to pay a few months ina dvance.

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    As far as I know SteadFast offers payment via bank transfer, but I am not 100% sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RSkeens View Post
    As far as I know SteadFast offers payment via bank transfer, but I am not 100% sure.
    Yes, we accept payment via ACH right through the control panel or via wire transfer.
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