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Thread: Stock icons

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    Stock icons

    Does anyone know where I can find royalty free stock images for say a VPS image or servers or similar?

    I have found

    both through google image search, but couldn't find anything indicating their origin to know if it's an image I could use as well and I don't want to go and steal an image from someone else.

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    try wikimedia commons:

    A nice set of icons from GNOME:

    Also check FAQ for the copyright questions:

    Can I use the materials on this site outside Wikimedia?

    Yes, you can. However, you will have to check the image description page (can be seen by clicking on the image) to see under what license it falls. In most cases you will be okay if you copy the author and licensing information from the image description page, and publish that with the image or other file. See Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia for details.
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    Try typing this in Google: free stock+servers+icons

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    I use for all my pictures.

    Plenty of great pics about servers etc and almost anything else you can imagine.


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    Here are a couple leads for you:

    Check licensing, Royalty Free != Free
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    I have had some luck with Stock.XCHNG. After entering the query into the search box, go to the bottom set of results for the free images.

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    Thanks for the google suggestion I was actually in need of a freebie icon for a sample design I am doing. ;D
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    I use these folks. Not free, but if you get on their list they will offer some specials that are almost free and some of the best icons I have seen. - WordPress for all of us

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    loads of royalty free sites with images and video

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    I've found a ton of great resources on Digg. Do a search on there and you will find lists of the best icon groups. This is also great for fonts, brushes, patterns, etc.

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    Icon Experience makes some nice icons. However, I think you have to buy the whole library to get a single image:

    iStockPhoto is also worth checking out as MatthewKeath mentioned.
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