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    Is Hostopia Bad?

    I found at least half a dozen bad comments on various sites regarding Hostopia (googling Hostopia review).

    Does anyone have any other indicators positive or negative about them?

    The thing I most care about is if end-customers are happy with their support and service.

    Any feedback appreciated -

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    every host is bound to have good and bad reviews but it doesn't necessarily make them terrible. Take hostgator for example, they have a ton of negative reviews and yet they are still one of the most popular hosts out there. I don't have any exp with hostopia but generally experience differs from one person to another - although you should take reviews into consideration, nothing will ever beat personal experience. if you do sign up with them, go with a small term period at first, maybe monthly or quarterly and try them out and then you can decide whether they are good or not yourself

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    Very rightly said... few bad reviews can't decide a companies standing.
    You need to try your self and experience it. May be there would be some problem with there hosting at the time those customers purchased there service...but may be now its all sorted and you may get a much better experience... So always first try a company before making a negative review about that company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltg1 View Post
    I found at least half a dozen bad comments on various sites regarding Hostopia (googling Hostopia review).

    Does anyone have any other indicators positive or negative about them?
    From dealing with them back in 05, they were an outsource shop only. They didn't take individuals or businesses with hosting needs. If I recall correctly, you get a certain level of support based on the package that you purchase. Their in-house control (webos if I recall) can be configured from their end to only show the most basic functions (add / remove domain only for example). Hostopia used to be the ISP's dream outsourcing firm because they'd take the load off of the "5mb disk space" hosting accounts that ISPs offered.

    I've dealt with them briefly while working for a national ISP several years ago.

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    Actually sometimes not all bad reviews are true... Well its a business of many competitors, if you know what I mean. But its always good to pick up a few things from what others have already experience. This is so you could avoid getting any troubles or problems in the future. But overall, there really is no guarantee. Even big time hosts get to commit mistakes once in a while. They mostly differ on how well they handle things.

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