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    What do you do when a programmer quits in a middle of a project?

    I am not a programmer in any means but I am currious what options I have at this point? Not very good on my end as you can see but the client is being reasonable.
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    well I guess your only solution is to find a programmer to take over asap... You can post in the advertisement forum over here or there are some freelancing sites such as oDesk that could help you

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    Oh, and if the programmer left due to an argument, its best to have a code review done of the entire codebase. You never know what *special magic* was inserted.

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    If its a short term project and you have not paid too much , its better to start from the scratch.

    It so happens that most free lancers are less reliable even though there are reliable ones out there.

    Its always better to go with a company, that way you are atleast assured that the job would be completed . Again select your company carefully
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    I find that most times, even if the project is half done, it's almost better to just start over in this case. Unless the project is well documented with regards to how it was designed, it might be harder for a programmer to jump into the middle than it would be to just start all over...
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    just search a few more online programmer to help, there are many. Some charge no expensive, just 1 to 3 hundred dollars.

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    I agree, starting over would probably be easier than trying to understand a previous programmer's work, unless there's plenty of comments. I hope you held back some money from them.

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    it would be better to prepare S R S (System Requirement specification) before starting the coding .it should contains the detailed report of the project.

    that is work flow of the project
    functions used in the project
    database design etc

    if a programmer quits ,next programmer can use the S R S and with the help of S R S he can easily capture the project concepts.

    hope it helps you
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    Yea, I will have to do something quick. It looks as if it is too late to start over. I will post in the Ad section. Wish me luck. I don't like upsetting the customer.
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    You will get many coders from

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    I have such experience with one of my project, then I hired a firm and they start over the entire project. My project completed in time.

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    There are these solutions:

    1. Forget pre-made script, hire new programmer and start everything from scratch.

    2. Hire new programmer and ask him to work on existing code.

    3. Get pre-made code and complete it yourself (if you are good in programming).

    4. Forget complete project and let it die. Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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    How much have you paid so far?
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    You should start your task from beginning with any reputable company. it is better you not going to give the job to anyone who work personally.

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    I second the idea of starting from scratch. Once I had to take over a project for a client that was unhappy with the site the previous programmer made. Considering that programmers do not think alike, its usually best to let your new programmer built it as they see fit, else they will end up spending a lot of time tying to figure out what the previous guy did.

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    it's really terrible. I would be careful when choosing a programmer

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